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Paint Stardust
Apr 12, 2021
In Chaos Magick
Hello I am brand new here and this just seemed magically timed that I would learn about this space at this moment. I recently completed a Tarot Deck informed by 10 years of my own personal chaos magic work but moving more into dream healing and goddess work lately. The short story is my Tarot is just finishing it's crowdsale, where the more decks sold the lower the price goes, it is at the discount level for selling 30 decks rn, goes down every 10 sold and there is only 5hrs left in the sale so I wanted to post as fast as I could about this. I hope that is ok! I just know it might interest some people. The sale is here:
The Patella Tarot content media
Paint Stardust

Paint Stardust

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