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Fane Anthony
Apr 14, 2021
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First off I'm a bit shy, so I'll share my absolute favorite tarot-oracle card so far. Magickal Name: Fane Jumal Country/Living: U.S.A. Magickal Signature: I'll have to find a better picture/drawing, but know I have one 😅 Magickal System: Chaos and Elemental Animals: Cats, Humming Birds, Bees Magickal Abilities: Healing, Divination, Spirit Work and some others Shadow Name: Petris Mendou Animal: Snake and Wolf Magickal Abilities: Curses and Retribution I may eventually start doing tarot as a side hustle, but for now I do it for free. I work in retail and try to spread light to those who need it. I can finally go through work without having other's energy affecting me. Funny enough I intuitively figured out how to do that before finding magick, as well as a few other things in my life. I hope our journey here will be a wonderful one 💙
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Fane Anthony
Apr 13, 2021
In Occult
I pulled these cards to see what is in store for Specula and members of Specula. The future looks extremely positive so fingers crossed! The Friendship card is of course about friends, but it's also about opening yourself to others. Friends are loyal and allow you to be who you want to be. With true friends you can let go and trust them with anything in your life. Friends add to the fullness of life and keep you steady through it. Specula will produce many wonderful friendships! The Freedom card is about being authentic and looking for your destiny. Trust your intuition to find what feels right and go with it. Freedom can mean release and releasing judgment of yourself and others is quite a challenge. If you can conquer this challenge, then you shall better yourself and others. Specula will allow your loaded mind to be liberated as your heart and soul soar to new heights. The Courage card is about more than being courageous. It is about finding understanding and healing from it. If you look for courage, you'll also find safety and protection. To find any of this you must confront your fear and anxiety. Make sure to understand why you have both and how to move beyond them. Specula will provide courage and magick that will bring members complete peace of mind. Finally the Love card is about honoring your true feelings and more. No matter your circumstances you should accept and believe in who you are. It is safe to give and receive acceptance and love, but always have boundaries. With love your heart can grow and become whole. Specula will let other's light shine brightly and nourish them from within!
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Fane Anthony
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