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What is Current 108

Photo by Sander Weeteling

Current 108 is based on the Solarpunk movement. It is an occult movement in which we respect nature, understanding that we are not separate from Her, rather one with it and if we so harm Her, we harm ourselves and our own health and well-being. We believe the future should be renewable, sustainable and bright. This can only happen when Nature comes first. Join us as we take our steps toward the future in the Current 108 movement.

History of the Solarpunk Movement

Solarpunk was developed as a reaction to technopunk. It promotes solar power over nuclear power and other forms of alternative energy. Solarpunk is based on clean and sustainable technologies, that are derived from renewable resources.

The term solarpunk was first coined by Adam Flynn in November 2011, who describes solarpunk as combining elements of both cyberpunk and green design. Solarpunk is not just an aesthetic or literary genre; it’s also a political philosophy.

Solarpunk is a genre of speculative fiction and art inspired by images of ecotopia, retrofuturism, Victorian utopianism and kinetic architecture.

Solarpunk Brazilian antology, Solarpunk: Histórias ecológicas e fantásticas em um mundo sustentável, was released in 2012. It brings up a discussion on freedom of expression, ecology and culture. This antology aims to present a relevant and creative alternative to cyberpunk movement . It raises discussions about social inequalities and how society can be better protected from harmful ecological practices.

Solarpunk follows a similar narrative to cyberpunk. It has its own distinct style, although it does borrow heavily from cyberpunk. There are some key differences between Solarpunk and Cyberpunk, though. For example, those who identify as solarpunks want to be eco-friendly while those who are involved in cyberpunk do not care about how they impact nature through their behavior.

Solarpunk is an all-encompassing concept. It incorporates fashion, design, and architecture. Those who identify as solarpunks do so because they respect nature. The punk aspect of solarpunk refers to rebelling against a system that has threatened humanity for decades and continuing to explore new ways of living in harmony with nature.

History of Current 108

The main idea behind Current 108 is to show that there are people thinking about our Planet Earth. Current 108 was developed in the early 2010s by technomages and scientists.

What started out as an idea turned into a movement for those who love Nature and wish to live on Earth for a long time. This Movement was designed to be one that honours our Planet and all of Her creations. We believe in global change through healing ourselves, for only then can we heal our planet. It's time to start respecting life again!

It's about harnessing natural energy for healing our body, mind and soul. The goal is to bring more peace into our lives through technology that works with us instead of controlling us. That's why we call ourselves Technomages. Our science has magic inside of it as well as spirituality!

That's what we strive for at Current 108. To build together with those who believe in our cause!

How can I be part of Current 108?

You can be a part of this movement by firstly educating yourself about ecology and sustainability. Once you have learned enough, begin applying them to your everyday life. Respect nature; live in harmony with it, not against it. It will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine!

If you’re unsure about how to begin, research environmental and sustainability problems in your local area. What are they trying to achieve? Find out as much as you can. After that, do what you can within your means to help them reach their goals. You don’t have to give away all of your savings or even a substantial amount of money. There are plenty of ways you can help for free if you put some thought into it!

For example, volunteering for a local conservation society or volunteering at a charity shop can be just as beneficial to them as donating money. You will be helping them towards their goal and putting your environmental knowledge into practice, all whilst making friends and having fun!

After helping out in your local area, think about how you can spread your knowledge. What knowledge have you learnt? How can you use it to help others be better stewards of our environment? Find creative ways to share what you’ve learnt. You might consider making a video, or speaking at a rally. The opportunities are limitless!

What is your carbon footprint and why does it matter

The Earth has a limited capacity to absorb our carbon emissions, or at least enough to keep them from heating up uncontrollably. Most estimates put that limit as low as 350 parts per million of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere, but we’re way past that now; current estimates say we’re at about 410 ppm and rising. Even if you don’t subscribe to doomsday predictions about runaway climate change, your actions still have an impact.

The good news is that it’s possible to make a difference through small lifestyle changes, like lowering your thermostat or giving up meat. Fortunately, there are easier ways to make a big impact on your carbon footprint—as well as how you feel about yourself and our planet. That’s where renewable energy comes in. Renewable energy sources can contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, but also contribute toward something even bigger: a sense of responsibility for Earth’s future.

Climate change is a reality that cannot be ignored anymore

Humans have been destroying Mother Nature through a variety of means, ranging from inefficient agricultural practices to extensive fossil fuel use. To reverse this trend and give Earth a chance, we need to respect nature and put our best efforts into preserving it. The movement known as Solarpunk was created in an attempt to revive an appreciation for nature and promote human innovation. Thus, Solarpunk differs from Environmentalism in that it emphasizes positive instead of negative emotions—it focuses on solutions instead of problems. It looks at what humans can do to improve life around them rather than bemoaning what they have done to harm it.

I personally believe that by adopting Solarpunk values, humans can make drastic changes for better. As designers and planners, I believe we can also play a big role in promoting these values among others who may not be yet familiar with them. Designers can help address climate change and implement sustainable strategies in people’s lives. There are many steps to achieve sustainability, which include: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; Plant Trees; Conserve Water; Switching Off Lights When Not in Use; Using Natural Light Instead of Artificial Light. These are some simple ways that can help save environment without even making much effort. A way forward would be convincing people about Solarpunk values through materials design such as creating posters or presenting environmental issues using graphic designs.

Big corporations are the real problem

Big corporations, as you all know, are extremely powerful organizations. They can either help us or destroy us with their products and services. Unfortunately, most of them focus more on selling products to consumers than caring about how that product will affect people in future or our planet earth. This kind of thinking has led to dangerous practices such as child labour and cutting down trees without considering its long-term consequences. But big companies don’t necessarily have to be harmful. Instead of working on a profit-based basis, they could act for social welfare and consider human needs along with protecting nature in which we live in now and future generations too.

By adopting Solarpunk values, you can help reduce our carbon footprint. Whether you want to be a solarpunk or not, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that if people around us make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint then it will have a positive impact on our planet and nature in general. Imagine how much cleaner our world would be if everyone was thinking about reducing their carbon footprint. The ideas we develop today will have a big impact on tomorrow so I believe we as designers need to think more about long-term effects of products rather than just profits now because we can change our society for better if things start happening today in terms of making sustainable products and services available for others as well as starting with yourself by taking small steps towards being sustainable.

Photo: Naja Bertolt Jensen

We demand zero plastic

If you want to make a difference, stop using plastic. How? By contacting companies and asking them to stop packaging things in non-biodegradable material. Let them know that your money will be going elsewhere if they don’t take responsibility for their waste; after all, plastic pollution starts with us – it only takes one person demanding a company change its packaging to force it into action.

But all of us can do something else: refuse plastic. You’ll be surprised how many things come in non-plastic packaging. Next time you go shopping, bring your own bags, and try to avoid buying food wrapped in plastic. Start with small changes and build from there!

Another good option are zero waste companies. Zero waste isn’t just a principle – it’s a goal, and many companies have signed up to it. All of their products are packaged in biodegradable materials or recycled ones, and they aim to eliminate single-use plastics in their day-to-day operations. They may be more expensive than some competitors, but they deserve your support!

Besides shopping for companies that take responsibility for their waste, you can also buy products that have low impact on nature, low carbon footprint and zero waste. Zero waste means no packaging at all – things like bottles or containers! Opt for bulk packaging instead.

Another option is to support your local communities. What do we mean by that? Instead of buying things from big brands, check out your local farmers’ market or craft fairs. Not only will you be supporting local jobs and businesses, but you’ll also know where your food comes from and how it was made!

Big corporations must change and be responsible for their pollution, waste and deforestation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses on developing a corporate culture that delivers ethical business conduct, proactively responding to societal needs and improving quality of life for employees. CSR strategies are designed to encourage actions that benefit society in general. It encourages organisations to commit themselves and their resources to social causes beyond simply satisfying legal requirements and maximising profitability.

How to be more ecological

When you want to save money and be more ecological, there are some things you can do, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Here are 5 quick tips to make that happen.

1) Buy your products locally. Not only will your money stay within your community, but it will also get to support local families and reduce our carbon footprint caused by transporting goods long distances.

2) Use items that can be re-used instead of throwing them away after using them only once.

3) Try doing one load per week with cold water instead of hot water. It takes less energy to heat up water than it does to heat up your whole house.

4) Hang out with people who inspire you and push you towards making greener choices.

5) At least once a month, have dinner at home with friends or family members instead of eating out at restaurants or fast food places.

Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing time or money, it just means we need to be more conscious of what we’re doing and how our choices can affect everyone. If you have any eco-friendly tips, don’t hesitate to share them in a comment below! :)

How to cope with climate change anxiety

The risks of climate change are certainly scary, but how can we cope with climate change anxiety? While you might be seeing a counselor to work through your anxiety and stress, some people may prefer to find a way to manage their anxiety on their own. There are many simple steps you can take to bring down your blood pressure and keep yourself healthy as you face these uncertain times.

If you’re experiencing acute anxiety over these climate issues, or simply feeling on edge about them, you should see a doctor for help. In addition to seeing a counselor, there are several things you can do to bring down your stress levels and anxiety. Meditation and yoga have both been shown to reduce physical and mental stress, while tai chi has also been shown to decrease anxiety.

You might also want to take up running or exercise as a means of bringing down your blood pressure. Exercise naturally releases endorphins in our brains that make us feel good, so regular exercise can be an effective way of coping with stress. Avoiding certain foods may also be beneficial in decreasing anxiety; consuming too much sugar and caffeine will only raise your stress level, whereas drinking enough water will keep you hydrated. Use common sense to find what works best for you: don’t try extreme diets without first consulting your doctor –- but having a healthy diet does contribute to healthier living overall. Lastly, making time for friends and family can benefit not only one’s health but also one’s outlook on life.

Consider climate change anxiety an opportunity to change your life for the better. Don’t underestimate how much you can do yourself to remain calm and cope with anxiety. No matter how you choose to handle it, keep in mind that climate change is far from inevitable: although we don’t know what exactly awaits us over time as we continue dealing with global warming, we can try our best to make sure our future generations have something left to inherit.

You are not going to save the future

When you read it, you may think, I can save future. However, that is not true. There is no one who can save future. Future depends on human’s activities and environmental conditions in an unknown way. Therefore, there are a lot of possibilities of what will happen to future by human activities or environment changes in an unknown way.

First of all, you cannot save future because you are not a perfect environmentalist. You should be aware that everyone makes mistakes in life. Some people are caught by their own bad habits when they are young and some people become ignorant about environment issues for an unknown reason. So it means we can’t rely on a person like that.

You cannot just wait for time to fix everything. This statement does not mean someone should do nothing about it. But you have to think realistically, who will do what and when they will do. There are a lot of people in our world, like 7 billion population, 1 billion animals and over 2 million species on Earth (even science hasn’t discovered all of them yet). When we want something changed or fixed, there are a lot of people we have to ask for help because sometimes 1 person can’t solve an issue by themselves.

Do your best to change

Creating a change from current ways of living, even if it’s small, can make us feel great. We need to keep our planet healthy. So think about what changes you can make and try them out! By making small steps, we can enjoy a better life as well as contribute to a better world. Tell us in detail your idea for change and how it can benefit your community or ours. If there are any tips or pieces of advice you have, please tell us!

Remember: The first step to becoming a part of Current 108 is to educate yourself and make positive changes. From there, you’ll be able to look outwards and help others do the same. This, after all, is what Solarpunk stands for!

Photo by Ivan Bandura

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