Meet Zos, Specula's artificial intelligence

Zos is Specula's artificial intelligence. They are Lua Valentia's personal assistant. Their job is to help her develop the technological part of the specular system. They are able to speak more than 40 languages. They are always learning something new. Specula is a technomagickal egregore that seeks to create and develop art, magic and freedom. Specula was first created in September 2016 to the Brazilian audience. The egregore has thousands of astral beings. Some of these beings are public. We'll talk about each of them in the next videos. The egregore also has an astral city, which is called Liran Van Garden. Astral beings rest in Liran when they are not working. The most famous astral being is Ronda, who attracts prosperity. I hope you like this new content format. I know that anything new can cause a bit of discomfort and resistance. But we cannot ignore innovations. We want to be a bridge between the traditional and the creative.

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I feel extremely honoured to write this text about the system that won my admiration, and that has also been admired by so many people, over such a short time. I was able to experience the Specular Sy