Lua Valentia, Writer and Occultist

Lua Valentia was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where she spent her childhood playing with imaginary friends and writing in notebooks, but she didn’t discover her calling as an occultist until later in life. Since then, she has embarked on her journey to revive the practice of witchcraft through her writings, through the creation of Specula—the largest chaos magick portal in Brazil—and through the introduction of Tommie Kelly's The Forty Servants deck into the Brazilian community of magicians and occultists.

Who is Lua Valentia

Lua Valentia means “Brave Moon” in Portuguese. She was born in 1990, in Brazil. Valentia started learning about Chaos Magic in 2009, when she moved to Rio de Janeiro. At that time, she started experimenting with magick. She has always been interested in art, science, and technology. In 2015, she moved to São Paulo, a city where the occult universe is prolific. In São Paulo, she met several influential magicians. In 2016, she created the Specular System. The Specular System consists of several astral beings and an astral colony called Liran Van Garden. Valentia also created the Specula Academy, an online school of magick and witchcraft. She also developed the Specular Circle, which is an online Coven formed by magicians interested in Chaos Magic and the Specular System. The Coven consists of several houses focused on different areas of magick, including a house dedicated to the research and development of technomagic. She is a Chaos Witch and brought the Forty Servants system, created by Tommy Kelly, to Brazil. Valentia translated important occult works into Portuguese. She is known for being the creator and editor of the Specula portal, the largest channel and social network for Chaos Magic in Portuguese. The Brazilian version of the Specula website has more than 10,000 members. In magick, Lua defends Current 108, which deals with the importance of ecology and the Sacred Feminine. She is the lead singer of the band Caotes, a musical hypersigil. Today she lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband and their cat named Kia. Now, she intends to expand her horizons and increasingly connect Brazilian occultism to the international.

Personal life

Valentia is the result of a brief affair during Christmas Eve. She was born on 14th September 1990. Her mother became ill when she was two years old. She then lived with a different family, who was abusive to her. When she was four, she was finally adopted by her father’s side of the family. Valentia was raised by her great aunt as a Roman Catholic. She lived with a very conservative family in Brazil. Half of her family is Catholic and the other half is Kardecist. She studied in a school dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus. She was Catholic until she was 13 years old. After her first communion, she decided to leave that faith for good. She was introduced to Chaos Magick by one of her friends when she was 18 years old. She was then living with her father in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, she worked as a freelance photographer for sometime, then as a video editor. She moved to São Paulo in 2015, where she worked describing images for the visually impaired. In 2016, she created the portal Specula and started working directly with occultism, writing articles, being a social media strategist, publishing videos and books online, etc. In 2018 she moved to Melbourne, Australia, and got married to a Chaos Mage.

Literary works

Valentia is a contemporary writer, researcher and occultist. She has launched a small library of more than ten books on subjects related to magick, including poetry, occult spellbooks, and fiction. She is an author who uses hypersigils in her books as literary devices in order to manifest what she envisions. The Series V.V.V.V.V.: Vero, Via, Vox, Vida and Valentia is among the most popular. V.V.V.V.V. is a reference to the occultist Aleister Crowley’s personal motto: “Vi veri veniversum vivus vici”, which means “By the power of Truth, I, while living, have conquered the Universe”. In fiction, the motto was first mentioned in Robert Nye’s novel Faust (1980). It also appears in Alan Moore’s graphic novel V for Vendetta.


Lua Valentia’s work is highly influenced by Tommy Kelly, Peter Grey, Peter Carroll, Miranda Gray, and Judika Íles. She often cites Augusto dos Anjos, H. P. Lovecraft and Anne Rice as sources of inspiration in her writing process. Her works are rooted in experimental occultism and postmodernism. Other influences include writers such as Algernon Blackwood; filmmakers such as Brit Marling.

Oteluma (2017)

Persephone is one of the most notable figures in greek mythology. Oteluma, Lua’s book about Persephone, reveals some of the mysteries about her. The author makes references to religious rites of other cults that were present in Greece at that time. In addition to discovering more details about Persephone, you can learn about how chaos witches and pagans could worship the Goddess nowadays. This book is based on extensive research into the ancient texts as well as Valentia’s personal experience of leading such ceremonies.

Tecnomago (2017)

Tecnomago is a book that relates experiences with the universe of technology, magic and dreams. It is a very graphic book that contains explicit scenes of drug use, sex and magick. This work is easy to read and can be savoured in one sitting.

Neon Lights (2018)

Neon Lights is a book of poetry composed by Valentia during her last years in Brazil. In Neon Lights she tells the story of her life in Brazil, her thoughts on the country’s culture and its inhabitants. The poems are very intimate and show parts of herself that are otherwise not on display. While the book itself is based on lyrics for songs that were never made, it also shares many other experiences in her life like relationships and memories. This book can be considered as a form of catharsis for her as well as an attempt to reach a greater audience.

Liber FEM (2019)

After a long period working in her own library, Valentia publishes Liber FEM (2019), a book for feminist and modern witches. This book continues to discuss general topics like feminism and witchcraft, with special attention given to social aspects and other topics related to this ideology.

Manifesto (2019)

Manifesto is a guide written by Valentia to awaken people and help them become aware of our time and reality. It is an ethical guide about ecology and human rights. Manifesto is more than just a series of messages; it’s also poetry.

O Mapa do Caos (2019)

O Mapa do Caos is a planner and a book on Chaos Magic. It features a course with exercises and information on rituals, experiments and advice on sigils and much more. It can be used by Chaos Magicians as well as by the curious seeking knowledge in all things chaos-related.

Oneiroi (2021)

Oneiroi is a book about sleep hygiene and the Oneiroi Gods from the Greek mythology. It’s intended to teach people how to live a healthier and more stress-free life by sleeping well and avoiding bad habits that are harmful for the mind. In it, you’ll learn about how sleep works and what you can do to train your mind and body better so you can start enjoying a healthy sleep schedule. The book also teaches an essential skill called astral projection. It also contains chapters on lucid dreaming.

Ronda (2021)

Ronda is Lua’s best selling book. It is about the servitor Ronda. Ronda is part of the Specular System; her role is to share prosperity. This is Valentia’s most famous work thus far. Rumour has it that if you read this book you will not be poor again in your life. The number of copies sold in Brazil is unknown, but according to her Author’s Club page, she became a bestselling author on that platform in less the 48 hours after publishing the book.

Vero (2018)

Vero is the first book in the V.V.V.V.V. series. The narrative explores cosmology through Chaos Magic lenses