Current 108

What is Specula's ethos? We here at Specula follow the current 108. We are a movement of occultists who love life. Current 108 is the magical current based on the Solarpunk movement. We believe Nature has the right to thrive, to regenerate, to prosper. We believe in a future in which humanity learns from Nature. Many praise their gods in temples of gold with the same hands with which they destroy, abuse, and steal from Nature. Specula's ethos places Nature FIRST. Here is the core of our beliefs:

We believe in science.

We believe in technomagick as a form of biomimesis.

We believe hope followed by ethics shall lead us towards a better future.

We believe in diversity; therefore, we advocate for human rights.

We believe magick is not only what the Europeans taught us, but something we should also learn from the Native communities.

We believe in feminine power and red honey as the essence of life.

We want to promote the Art, Magick and Freedom of all human beings without distinction; to promote the financial and mental independence of all human beings; To promote sustainability in relation to nature; To promote the union of science and spirituality; To promote healthy skepticism and critical thinking; To promote the use of technomagick; To create hypersigils that indicate our Will. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, join Specula today and help us manifest the future we visualize. See you soon!

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