Before we start / The basic concepts of the Specular System

Before we start talking about the Specularis, we need to show you the most basic concepts. Every Speculari has a sigil, which is a magical symbol that represents them. They also have a mantra. Every Speculari has a well-defined astral function. Check the functions of the Specularis to see which one suits you the most. Every Speculari also has a unique correspondence table. You can consult this table on the Specula site or in the book Via, The Grimoire of Specularis. The book is currently being translated into English. Before summoning a Speculari, do a banishment. Banishing, when done right, ensures that no unwanted energy is part of the process. We also recommend that you perform a banishing at the end of each process. The recommended one is the Chaosphere Banishing, but you can choose whatever you prefer and you can also create your own. We also recommend that you know the Specula Protection and Security Protocol so that you don't have any problems during your journey.

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