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The Third Way

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THE THIRD WAY MANIFESTO It seems like recent events have shown us that there is an imbalance where people try to make spirituality take the place of science.

Political parties target "light and love" spiritual communities with misinformation and have no regards of the lives they bring in jeopardy. On the other hand we have scientist, like Richard Dawkins, who forget the function of spirituality and make sure people can't see the spiritual beauty of like (and create in doing so a cult like that of organised religion.) Coming from being a Jehovahs Witness I had to learn A LOT about the world when I left. I felt also because of that experience like there were groups of people that willingly or unaware are separating people and cause a lot of pain. I personally vowed that moment that I would help do whatever I could to bring people together and become the change I want to see in the world. I feel a deep sense of obligation to protect people from being abused in all those ways. Enough! Time to come together in curiosity, play and experimentation to create a bonfire for all to sit around creating understanding among each-other, learn from each-other, help each other come to their own light.

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    A space for Spirituality, Magick and Science to come togethe...

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