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The Third Way

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  • Valkyria Dunkel

    I am at this moment busy with a lot of cleaning in my house. As one of the first priciples to get better in organising is to know how to clean. We know this in magic because we use Cleansing and Banishing to clean ourselves and the space we use for magic. Sometimes we can't find a solution because it's too cluttered and crowded. It might be that a message to you, energy or spirit can not come through because it needs more space.

    Light and Space are two of the most important things people need in the place where they live. Light and Air are in magic two ellements that can help us clean and reorganise again. Letting light in the room and you might discover old treasures you had completly forgotten. You might find that you have more space than you thought. Let air through your space and…

  • Sometimes things change in the world that seem to overwhelm us. We might feel like we are not enough. We might feel we are too insignificant.

    If magic learns us anything it is that the humans have a history of being resourceful and finding solutions where there seems nothing at first.

  • Magic is used to improve our lives but I wonder how much it is used to help others also. How many magicians are organising to help people in need?

    How many occcult publishers are giving a percentage to a charitable goal?

    It sometimes seems like magicians improve their lives so they can buy even more books to do more magic so they can buy more books. Books are great. Don't misundestand me but sometimes if we are in a position of privilege we can also use it to help others. The same challenge appears in the Self-help industry where everything is focused on helping yourself and often is forgotten that you can greatly help yourself by helping others too. There are communities around the world that are helping people in need. There are probably communities in your neighbourhood where you can volunteer with something. These are just a few examples…

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