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The Hyperreal Zone: A Pop Culture Magic Group

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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share photos.

This is a spin-off from the FB Pop Culture Magic group, originally founded by Taylor Elwood and later gifted to me. So, same basic rulebook:


This is a group for discussing the combination of magic and popular culture.

This is NOT a group for general magic/mysticism/philosophy/New Ageism: if you do not post on topic, you get one warning. Do it again, and you're out, no appeal.


In the FB group, we had Tout Thursday: a day where on-topic ads an general merch and services could be offered. THis fell by the wayside... so, for now, in this space, members will be able to submit their promotional items in the general group. All items posted must comply with group rules as per the about section of this page. If you are unsure if your item complies with group rules, reach out to an admin.

(Also: anyone else want to be an admin? No glamour, but at least the pay sucks. Enquire within!)

Anything that does not comply with the group rules will be deleted. If any member posts more than one off-topic item, the second item will be deleted, and a warning will be issued.

One more off-topic ad,, then you get removed. If you aren't sure why your post was removed or you have any questions, please contact admin.


This is a group where we openly and safely share our pop culture magic and spiritual practices without being attacked for what we believe. You may not agree with everyone's practice, but please do not insult or attack the person.

Specifically: racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic posts will be removed and the poster will be banned. Specifically, any post supporting fascism or fascist occult groups such as O9A will be removed and the poster banned.


You can give value by asking questions, answering questions, sharing something that has worked for you, posting about your pop culture experiments, and providing helpful resources that enrich all of our practices. Help the community of pop culture practitioners to grow!

**People who are rude or continually promote themselves will be removed without warning.**

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    Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...

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