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The Hyperreal Zone: A Pop Culture Magic Group

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Thank you for this group!

I am excited to see a pop culture occult group on this site! Many places do not accept such views. I have shared my occult pop culture practices with many practitioners in the past that I should not have.

Many times I have overshared with people who I thought I could trust but as soon as I did they would act as if my experience as a practitioner was simply LARP. I was very hesitant to share that part of my practice after these experiences.

One thing I hate is being underestimated or being seen as stupid/lesser than others. These people, whom I saw as my close friends at one point, would start to mock me. They could not understand anything I said when I tried to explain.

The way I see it these characters in pop culture have become egregores from the amount of energy they generated from the masses. As sentient entities why would we not choose to work with them? Same goes for occult/magical systems, rituals, & spells shown in movies, video games, shows, & other media. Why should we disregard them? Why can we not choose to work with these things if they are present? Why are they seen as LARP or not legitimate?

I know the answers to these questions. There are several answers for each question. Most of the answers come down to others not understanding or thinking that pop culture is immature/lesser. I find it sad that it can not be accepted in the occult communities when most occultists have witnessed not being accepted by other religious groups/people (mostly the abrahamic ones).

Personally I do not care about being accepted because my practice is my own & I will do what I choose. I’m just happy to be here where it will be accepted. Thank you ❤️🔥

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