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Thought it appropriate to start discussion here with a question for everyone about symbolism in the online era.

I've been reading at uni today about the infrastructure of data and grabbed this quote:

"As a result of pervasive computer mediation, nearly every aspect of the world is rendered in a new symbolic dimension as events, objects, processes and people become visible, knowable and shareable in a new way. The world is reborn as data and the electronic text is universal in scale and scope."

- Shoshona Zuboff, 'Big Other: Surveillance Capitalism and the Prospects of an Information Civilisation'

How do others reflect on the 'symbolic dimension' of the internet? How do you meditate on ourselves, rendered as we are into internet profiles, given new names and forms and tags through which we may be summoned? Are you able to draw power from it? Does anyone else research data or programming as means or methods of performing modern magic?

Consider this a very open topic - I'd love to hear where others are at with such things and what this quote evokes. Especially our group founder, as one potentially empowered by the process of creating the architecture of a new spiritual space ;)

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